Edgar L. Castro

Edgar L. Castro has a law degree at the Argentine Catholic University (1977). He studied, also at the St. Georges College, from where he was elected as the Chairman of the Board of Directors and as a member and administrator of its trusty (2007/2015). He is now a simple member of the Board of the St. Georges College. He studied also in the United States, where he took post-graduate courses of negotiations at Harvard University, School of Law (1999).

Before coming to Canosa Abogados, Dr. Castro was a partner of three important law firms of Argentina (e.g., “Estudio Salvat, Etala & Saraví”) where he handled some of the largest and most complex disputes, misconducts and litigation legal cases.

He represents individuals, foreign embassies, multinational corporations and NGOs in the general advice of tax planning and compliance as well as in criminal and tax complaints in local courts. He also has experience in the recovery of offshore assets derived from crime as well as in the enforcement of foreign judgments (exequaturs). For instance, he represented corporations and foreign individuals in the recovery of assets derived from corporate frauds such as the ‘Maddof’ case, among other public and transnational economic crimes.

Dr. Castro was a special advisor of the national senate of Argentina (1983-1988) in topics of public law and international relations. He recently participated as a speaker in seminars linked to the legal liability of directors and statutory auditors and he recently attended congresses related to the corporate criminal liability law No 27,401. He has also experience in internal corporate investigations based on misconducts in light of the local criminal liabilities as well as the Foreign Corrupt Practice Act, OECD Convention and the UK Bribery Act. He also participated in local corporate fraud investigations. 

He is a member of the Buenos Aires Bar Association, and of the La Plata Bar Association, province of Buenos Aires. He is also a member of the International Bar Association, the Law Society for England & Wales. He is also a special advisor and member of local British NGOs (e.g. British Counsel, Society of British and Argentine Lawyers, member of the Board Ranelagh Golf Club S.A. ).

The British embassy in Buenos Aires has included his name among listed for UK citizens seeking for legal advice and representation in Argentina.

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