Guillermo Plate

Mr. Guillermo Plate, J.D., LL.M., Mag., advises insurance companies on legal, regulatory and political matters. Appointed Deputy Superintendent of the Argentine Superintendence of Insurance (SSN) by President Macri in 2017, Mr. Plate represented the SSN at the OECD Insurance and Pension Funds Committee, the International Association of Insurance Supervisors, the US National Association of Insurance Commissioners, the Latin American Insurance Supervisors Association and Argentina’s Financial Regulation Counsel. The SSN supervises and regulates insurance companies (P&C, Life and Workers Compensation), local reinsurance companies, admitted international reinsurance companies and brokers/intermediaries.

As Deputy Superintendent Mr. Plate worked to reform and modernize the Argentine insurance industry in collaboration with the US Treasury and the international insurance community. His team hosted the first ever G20 Insurance Forum (Bariloche 2018), the ASSAL-IAIS Insurance Seminar (Buenos Aires 2018) and the IAIS Global Seminar (Buenos Aires 2019).

During his term the SSN was able to successfully have legislation passed by Congress to provide tax incentives to purchase life insurance products in Argentina, a goal for the local industry for over 27 years. Some key regulation includes the reopening of the reinsurance (closed since 2011), strengthening capital and reserve requirements, corporate governance, mandatory banking/digital premium payment, digital policy, online presentation of financial statements, the creation of the Insurtech Roundtable and a set of regulatory and administrative changes advancing a risk based supervisory approach.

Mr. Plate actively participated in the development of the Argentina-US Dialogue on Illicit Finances, which served as a key instrument for the bilateral strategic partnership among the two nations, and served as moderator and panelist/speaker at a number of local and international insurance events such as the Geneva Association General Assembly (Buenos Aires 2019), the 2019 LIMRA Loma Latin American conference (Mendoza 2019), the Academy of Exchange and Judicial Studies (New York Law School 2019) and ICMIF Moro (Montreal 2018) among others. He was also the first international regulator ever invited to participate in the Association of Life Insurance Counsels Annual Meeting in 2019.

Before becoming Deputy Superintendent, Mr. Plate served as Vice Chairman of Provincia Aseguradora de Riesgos de Trabajo S.A., the largest workers compensation insurance company of Argentina, and advisor to the Board of Directors of Banco Provincia de Buenos Aires. Years earlier, he lived and worked in Barbados as an International Wealth Management Manager for Royal Bank of Canada where he provided tax-efficient wealth management structures and succession planning solutions to corporate and private clients in Latin America. Mr. Plate began his career as a lawyer in Argentina, and practiced law at prestigious law firms in Buenos Aires gaining broad experience in international law, corporate law, tax and anti-money laundering.

Mr. Plate earned his law degree at Pontificia Universidad Católica Argentina (1998), and later earned a LL.M. in International and Comparative Law at Duke University School of Law (2003) and a Magister degree in Corporate Law at Universidad Austral (2011). He is a Fellow of the National Association of Insurance Commissioners (NAIC) International Fellow Program and Lloyd´s International Regulators´ Programme.

Nowadays, Guillermo is an Associate in Canosa Abogados and advises companies on legal, regulatory and political matters.

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