Mariana Rodriguez

Mariana Rodriguez holds an accountant´s degree, from the University of Buenos Aires. Mariana leads all Canosa Abogados’ tax and accounting audits (due diligence).

Mariana is also focused on tax planning and Mariana se dedica además a la planificación fiscal (tax planning) and settlement of national taxes (VAT, corporate and individuals income, minimum return, personal assets, etc.), provincial taxes  (gross income, stamp tax, etc.), municipal taxes (health and hygiene, municipal rates, etc.) She also helps entrepreneurs and startups at the start of operations, accounting, audit of financial statements, analytical review of accounts, validation of balances, compliance tests, application of accounting valuation rules, evaluation of property, economic and financial status of the fiscal year and comparative analysis of variations.

Mariana has vast experience in the refund of exports VAT, tax withholding certificates for the transfer of real estate in favor of foreign beneficiaries and inspections from the national, provincial and municipal tax authorities, among others.

Mariana is a frequent speaker at national and international forums concerning her expertise areas.

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