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We are a group of young driven lawyers who have consistently succeeded in different fields of the Argentine legal market. Our characteristic is that we provide our clients with advice that is timely efficient, practical and usable.

At Canosa Abogados, integrity, ethical standards and honesty are values reflected by each of the members of our organization.

We hope you join us soon at Canosa Abogados.

Firm Profile

Canosa Abogados is a young law firm organized by lawyers who have consistently succeeded in every area of business law in Argentina. We advice our clients in all private client matters and we provide advice to both local and international companies in connection with the development of their activities in Argentina.

Our lawyers provide advice that is timely efficient, practical and usable. We are well known for our credibility, reliability and flexibility that allow our clients to make decisions fast and efficiently.

Our advice in connection with foreign investment has been recognized many times for being expeditious in connection with the resolution of the relevant issues that come about in the development of the activities relevant to the foreign transactions.

In matters of administrative law, we have successfully advised foreign players in the development and operations of important public/private projects in Argentina.

We also provide advice on a daily basis to foreign clients in all kinds of complex real estate transactions and matters in connection with the regulations of the Argentine Central Bank and the notarial and corporate activities in connection with companies organized in foreign countries.

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