Business Law

Corporate Law

Our core expertise is the corporate area. We have advised and carried out complext corporate transactions, such as reorganizations and mergers of local corporations and of branches of foreign companies with activities in Argentina.
We, at Canosa Abogados, carry out all the day-to-day corporate legal aspects of local companies and of foreign companies registered before the Public Registry of Commerce, either as branches of foreign corporations or as partners (shareholders or quotaholders) of local companies. We carry out all the corporate registrations for reorganizations, mergers and cancellation of companies before the Public Registry of Commerce.

Merger and Acquisitions

We have worked in different M&A transactions, such as the purchase, liquidation and winding-up of companies, including companies subject to special regulatory regimes. We provide analysis on corporate, tax, labor, intellectual property and environmental issues on complex merger and acquisition transactions.

We draft the purchase agreements and all the ancillary agreements such as escrow agreements, shareholders agreements, agreement related to warranties and in general all the ancillary transactions to the principal M&A transaction.

Commercial Agreements

In Canosa Abogados we advice our clients on all matters related to the negotiation, drafting and preparing of commercial agreements such as distribution agreements, agency agreements, and franchising agreements. After the execution of these agreements, our attorneys assist our clients with the potential issues that could occur under such agreements, such as the renegotiation and eventual enforcement thereof.

International Trade Law and Competition Law

We operate with the Convention on International Sales of Goods (CISG) and the regulations of the World Trade Organization (WTO).In addition, we draft and prepare international documents such as bill of ladings, promissory notes, international purchase agreements and agreements on international transport.

We analyze compliance with international rules on antidumping and anti-subsidies and, additionally, we make all the relevant filings for complying with the competition rules and regulations before the argentine authorities.

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