Amendments to the Simplified Scheme of Small Taxpayers

The Federal Tax Authority (“AFIP”) through General Resolution 3529/2013 (the “Resolution”), amended the scales of the Simplified Scheme of Small Taxpayers (“Single Tax”).

As it is known, the Single Tax includes 11 categories ranging from “B” to “L”. Now, since the implementation of the Resolution, an increase in the values of all amounts invoiced for each of the categories has been generated. Therefore, the maximum annual income allowed to provide services is now $400.000, and $600.000 for the sale of real estate.

Another measure introduced by the Resolution implies that no variation will be made in the monthly fees for each category. For this reason, after the reclassification, those taxpayers who loose category will find reduced their monthly fee.

The Resolution came into force on September 1st of this year, so the deadline for the reclassification which usually happens on 20 September each year, has been extended to 30th of the same month. Those individuals who are affected by the amendments may choose to be reclassified or, if applicable, begin the process of readmission to the Single Tax.

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