Exceptions to isolation for entering Argentina

On 23/09/2021, Administrative Decision N° 932/2021 was published in the Official Gazette, which exempts Argentines and residents in the national territory who have travelled abroad from compulsory quarantine, as long as they comply with certain requirements, as of 24/09/2021.

The requirements are as follows:

  • Have completed the vaccination schedule at least 14 days prior to entry into the country.
  • In addition to the negative PCR test at origin carried out within 72 hours prior to boarding and the antigen test required on entry into the country, a PCR test must be carried out between the fifth and seventh day after arrival in the country.
  • To carry out their social and/or work and/or commercial and/or sporting activities with extreme observance of the prevention and care measures for a period of 10 days from the date of taking the negative PCR test sample at origin, being forbidden during this period to attend mass events, or to use collective land passenger transport, except in expressly authorized situations.
  • Have proof of vaccination and show it when required by the competent authorities.

Non-resident foreigners expressly authorized by the National Directorate of Migration to carry out an essential labour or commercial activity or professional sports activity for which they were summoned must comply, jointly, with the protocols established for their activity.

Argentines and residents in the national territory who have travelled abroad and do not have a complete vaccination schedule carried out more than 14 days prior to their entry into the country, must carry out the compulsory 14-day isolation; they must also comply with the PCR test up to 72 hours prior to boarding, the antigen test upon arrival in the country and the PCR test on the seventh day after their arrival, in order to finish their isolation in the event that the diagnostic tests are negative.

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