Legalization / Apostille of electronic public documents performed remotely

It will be possible to legalize electronic public documents and those including holograph signatures to be submitted abroad by using the electronic tool “Remote Procedures” (“TAD” – “Trámites a Distancia”).

It will be possible to legalize the following documents:
Public documents issued by Argentine authorities or bodies attached in PDF format, with digital or holograph signature.
Documents issued by the Argentine consular network or by the foreign representatives accredited in our country who have digital signature or with holographic signature.
The electronic procedure cannot be used to legalize those certificates issued by the civil registry which are exempt from payment.
The procedure may be filed by:
The holder of the document to be legalized/apostilled or any other person, as long as he/she is older than 18 years old and has a Tax ID and a password with a specific security level (level 2 or higher).
It is not necessary to appoint an agent, as the procedure is fast and simple.
The steps to submit the procedure are the following:
Access the TAD web platform.
Complete and confirm the personal information of the individual filing the request.
Attach the document to be legalized/apostilled.
It is important to highlight that, in case the document has an holograph signature, it can only be filed if it has the previous verification email from In case the document cannot be issued with digital signature, the document shall be submitted scanned to, in order to coordinate its legalization.
Pay the applicable fee according to the document to be legalized.
Amendments. In case there is some mistake in the information or documents sent, and such error can be amended, such amendments may be done via TAD.
After the Argentine Chancellery analyses the document, it will be uploaded to the TAD system with its corresponding legalization/apostille.
There is not a specific term to finalise the procedures filed via TAD, as these are subject to the system.
The acceptance of the filing made via TAD is subject to verification from the Legalizations Coordination of the Argentine Chancellery and in case it is rejected, the fee paid will not be reimbursed.

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