New Communication from the Argentine Central Bank to Payment Service Providers

On 15 February 2023, the Central Bank of Argentina (“BCRA”) announced Communication “A” 7699 (the “Communication”) which establishes Payment Service Providers that offer payment accounts (“PSPCP”) and Payment Service Providers that perform the initiation function (“PSI”) as new obliged parties to the Claims Reporting Regime. In addition, the Communication establishes PSPCPs as obligated parties to Chapter II of the Transparency Reporting Regime.

As of the Communication, PSPCPs and PSIs must report monthly the claims arising from their internal register, classifying them under the casuistry predefined by the BCRA:

  1. Stock of cases at the beginning of the reporting period.
  2. Number of cases filed in the reporting period.
  3. Number of cases resolved in the reporting period. At this point, it should  be reported
    -Average resolution time, in number of days
    -Number of cases that were resolved in favor of the user
    -Number of cases with resolutions against the user.

For PSPCPs, Chapter II of the Transparency Reporting Regime is divided into four sections. PSPCPs are only required to comply with section B and section D.

Section B should detail the fees and charges for products and/or services offered to users of financial services. It should contain the following data:

  1. Name of the entity.
  2. Month in which the tariff is in force.
  3. Tariffs.
  4. Increases notified to customers.

In section D, increases and/or reductions in tariffs and additions of commissions for new products and/or services to be marketed should be recorded, and modifications to charges should be notified in the same way.

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