Possible Claims to Swiss Banks for Incorrectly Charged Commissions

We provide information that may be important to our clients and friends or to those who have or have had money invested in any Bank or financial company in Switzerland for the last 10 years.



Together with a Swiss strategic partner, a Swiss specialist who can enforce and enforce worth legitimate financial claims against financial institutions and companies, we are supporting national and international clients for commission recovery (retrocessions) against banks and management companies in Switzerland.

These Swiss institutions will have to pay incorrectly withheld funds to their clients for several million. Many clients are not yet aware of the claim possibility, which will expire in a short period of time if they are not activated, without any risk of incurring costs. Estimates by industry experts estimate that in Switzerland, banks owe about $ 3-5 billion to their customers. We are working on a 100% system based on a success fee.

Despite the legal situation, recovery is complex given that banks and asset managers in Switzerland try to block requests, get rid of investors who try to explain themselves. It is likely that the inexperienced investor, who is far from his country may desist for lack of results and will also have to pay high costs for legal services.

Swiss banks and asset managers receive hidden sales commissions (retrocessions) for equivalent amounts between 0.5 and 2% of product suppliers for the sale of funds, structured products, bonds, etc. This business practice behind the scenes of investors generated huge financial gains to Swiss financial institutions in sales and maintenance commissions, which effectively belong to customers.

This generated a conflict of interest that arose after these banks received commissions, we reiterate, hidden, regardless of performance, so they are controversial. We, together with our Swiss partners, provide services on the exclusive basis of success, so that the risk of investors is reduced to zero.



These debts have an expiration period of ten years in favor of the Swiss Financial Institutions. There are numerous judicial decisions that support the viability of the setbacks. For any questions and/or extension of this report please contact Edgar Castro castro@canosa.com Telephone + 54 11 5252 2462

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