Public Prosecutor’s Guide to Identifying, Tracing and Seizing Crypto-assets.

On 12 May 2023, the Public Prosecutor’s Office (“MPF”) published Resolution No. 33/23 (the “Resolution”), which discloses the “Practical Guide for the Identification, Traceability and Seizure of Cryptoassets”, prepared by the Specialised Cybercrime Prosecution Unit (“UFECI”).

The Resolution highlights particularities of the digital context that hinder the work of the MPF and the criminal investigation: the “pseudo-anonymity”, the complexities of the computer and mathematical processes used, the high volatility of the value of virtual currencies, the localisation of crypto-asset transactions, their actors and their scarce regulation.

The Guide aims to ensure that government agencies have up-to-date knowledge and mechanisms to be able to trace transactions and confiscate virtual assets used by perpetrators of potential crimes.

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