Registry of Integrity and Transparency for Companies and Entities

On May 17, 2021, the Anticorruption Office (“OA”) presented the “Integrity and Transparency Registry for Companies and Entities” (“RITE”) in conjunction with the website (“Portal” ), a platform promoted under the auspices of the Inter-American Development Bank (IDB) and the United Nations Development Program (UNDP) for the voluntary registration of businesses of organizations interested in advancing in the development of greater transparency.

Forms were prepared, which contain various questions, which will allow participating entities to provide information about their Integrity Programs. What is sought is that companies and entities can identify the priority aspects of the information registered in RITE and in turn strengthen the best standards of transparency and integrity.

These forms are an orientation guide on the best practices and existing standards in terms of integrity, so that each company or entity can use them to plan their development and improvement actions.

It is expected that the RITE registration process includes:

1. Generate a user (validation and authentication process via email).

2. Sign an affidavit of acceptance and compliance with the rules and terms of RITE (truthfulness of the statement and possible consequences of non-compliance).

3. Complete a form with company data for the purposes of stratification and profiling.

The objective will be for the RITE platform to have a positive impact on companies and entities in order to: Become a necessary consultation tool in the framework of contracts carried out by the public sector.

× Improve opportunities, collaborate in meeting the requirements established to contract with the public sector and form part of the value chain of the Companies with State Participation (EPE).

× Complement the Third Party Due Diligence tasks carried out within the framework of prevention policies that harm private sector organizations.

× Contribute to the effective implementation of Law 27,401.

× Provide free tools, materials and training to help implement and improve integrity programs.

× Generate added value by eliminating risks and building trust, both within the company itself and for third parties (customers, suppliers, consumers, the State).

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