Relaxation of Exchange Controls for Certain Exports.

On June 2, 2022 the Central Bank of the Argentine Republic (“CBAR”) provided for a relaxed regime for certain exports:

*S01 Maintenance and repairs.

*S07 Construction services.

*S12 Telecommunications services.

*S13 Computer services.

*S14 Information services.

*S15 Charges for the use of intellectual property.

*S16 Research and development services.

*S17 Legal, accounting, and managerial services.

*S18 Advertising services, market research and public opinion polls.

*S19 Architectural, engineering, and other technical services.

*S21 Services related to trade.

*S22 Other business services.

*S23 Audio-visual and related services.

*S24 Other personal, cultural, and recreational services (includes educational teaching).

*S27 Other health services.

The funds must be credited in accounts in foreign currency of the relevant client in local financial entities and the use of this mechanism must be neutral in tax matters. For the purposes of registering these operations, two tickets must be prepared without movement of pesos, the purchase ticket will be made for the corresponding service concept and the sale ticket must be registered in the name of the exporter under the concept “A22. Accreditation of service export charges”.

When the exporter is a human person, he/she may use this mechanism up to an equivalent of USD 12,000 (twelve thousand United States dollars) in the relevant calendar year, in all the entities and for all the concepts included.

On the other hand, when the exporter is a legal entity, the exporter must have a “Certification of increase in revenue from service exports in 2022” issued by a single local financial entity. The certification may be issued when all the following requirements are verified:

(i) The value of service export receipts entered through the foreign exchange market in 2022 is higher than the value of export receipts for the same group entered throughout 2021.

(ii) The exporter registered settlements in the foreign exchange market for collections of service exports for the concepts stated above during the year 2021.

(iii) The amount of the certificates issued does not exceed the equivalent in foreign currency of the minimum of the following two values:

– 50% of the value by which the income from the foreign exchange market for service export charges in 2022 exceeds the amount received for such concepts during the entire previous year.

– The amount in foreign currency equivalent to 20% of the gross remuneration paid to workers in the previous calendar month multiplied by the number of months remaining until the end of the year, including the current month.

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