Resolution No. 3971/2020 of the Supreme Court of Justice of the Province of Buenos Aires Digital signature regime

By means of Resolution No. 3971/2020 (the “Resolution”) dated 15 April 2020, the Supreme Court of Justice of the Province of Buenos Aires enabled the use of digital signature to draft and issue its resolutions.

The Resolution establishes that the members of the provincial high court, secretaries, sub secretaries and any other official authorized by the President of the Supreme Court will be able to hold meetings remotely and sign their resolutions by using both holographic or digital signature.

Among the purposes of the Resolution, it is highlighted that, apart from progress in terms of celerity, efficiency and transparency, these innovations are useful to help the justice service to work in a compatible way with the need to protect the public’s health and the requirements imposed as a consequence of Covid-19 pandemic.

The Supreme Court may also hold work meetings remotely in order to evaluate proposals, exchange ideas or prepare resolutions on matters which require the participation of its members simultaneously. Apart from that, the officers will be able to sign any kind of resolutions any day of the week, even out of business hours.

The regime will be applicable in a gradual and progressive way, taking into account the special characteristics of each area of the Supreme Court. 

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