Suspension of activities in the Public Registry of Commerce – Resolution No. 15/2020

In line with Decree No. 297/2020 that established the Preventive and Mandatory Isolation due to Covid-19 pandemic and Decrees No. 325/2020 and 335/2020 which extended isolation until 12 April and 26 April 2020 respectively, and in order to reduce attendance of the public in general and professionals who usually attend the Public Registry of Commerce (“PRC”), General Resolution No. 15/2020 of PRC provides for:

(i) The suspension of terms to answer to observations for all proceedings and submissions under General Resolution No. 7/2015, extending the effects of the dispositions of General Resolution No. 10/2020. 

PRC headquarters and offices located in associations of professionals will be closed to the public during that term.

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