Typology of Consumption with Debit Card Abroad

On November 29 in the year 2021, The Financial Information Unit has sent a Universal Notification about the prevention and detection of possible money laundering operations through the use of credit cards abroad, in response to this the Report on the Typology is taken into consideration, which as Annex I is part of the communication that has been issued.

Therefore, it is indicated that, to Obligated Subjects, in the event that the existence of operations that may fit into the Typology to which the communication refers is detected, they may issue the corresponding Suspicious Operation Report (STR) through from the website of the Financial Information Unit. This report must have completed the fields called “Description of the Operation” and “Report of Conclusions to Issue Report”. At the same time, the procedure must refer to the application of the “Typology of Consumption with Debit Card Abroad”.

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