Decree N° 235/2021: New General Prevention Measures Against Covid-19

In the framework of the Social, Preventive and Obligatory Distancing (DISPO) due to the COVID-19 Coronavirus pandemic, the National Executive Power (PEN) issued the Decree of Necessity and Urgency (DNU) N° 235/2021 (“the Decree”) – published in the Official Gazette on 08/04/2021 – which provides for new general prevention measures, which will enter into force on 9 April 2021 and will be in force until 30 April 2021, inclusive.

Given the accelerated increase in cases, COVID-19 prevention measures must be strengthened all over the national territory, evaluating the particularities of each jurisdiction and implementing temporary and intensive measures, geographically focused and targeted at the activities and times of day that carry the highest risk of virus transmission.

Currently, the increase in cases registered in almost all jurisdictions and more than sixty percent (60%) of new cases are in the Buenos Aires Metropolitan Area (AMBA). This increase is more significant in large urban centers, where the population is higher than in the rest of the country.

General measures taken:

  • Face-to-face classes and non-school face-to-face educational activities will be maintained in compliance with protocols approved by the competent authorities.
  • The use of enclosed areas is restricted to FIFTY PERCENT (50%) of their capacity.
  • The Governors of the Provinces and the Head of the Government of the City of Buenos Aires are empowered to establish additional temporary, proportional and reasonable measures to mitigate contagion.
  • Patients with a confirmed diagnosis of COVID-19 or any other disease or condition are authorized to be accompanied during hospitalization in their lasts days of life.

The following are temporarily suspended throughout the national territory:

  • Group trips for Graduates, Retirees, Study trips, for non-official sports competitions, tourist groups and for the performance of recreational and social activities.
  • Activities and social gatherings in private homes of more than TEN (10) people.

In “Places with High Epidemiological and Sanitary Risk” the following are suspended:

  • Activities and social gatherings in private homes, except for the presence of persons requiring special care.
  • Activities and social gatherings in open-air public spaces for more than TWENTY (20) people.
  • The recreational practice of any sport in enclosed places where more than TEN (10) persons participate or where the minimum distance of TWO (2) meters between people cannot be maintained.
  • Activities of casinos, bingos, discotheques and nightclubs.
  • Gastronomic places between TWENT THREE (23) hours and SIX (6) hours of the following day.
  • The holding of all type of cultural, social, recreational and religious events; cinemas, theatres, clubs, cultural centers and other related establishments; gastronomic places and gymnasiums that exceed THIRTY PERCENT (30%) of their capacity.
  • The circulation of people between ZERO (0) hours and SIX (6) hours of the following day, except for those affected to essential activities and services (established in Article 11 of Decree N° 125/2021), those affected to industrial activity that are working at night and those who must return to their usual place of residence from their place of work or to attend to it.

The public passenger transport service in AMBA may only be used by:

  • People affected by their activities, services and situations included in Article 11 of Decree N° 125/2021.
  • Those cases in which its use has been expressly authorized at the date of issuance of the decree, as well for people who must attend for health care, or have a vaccination appointment.
  • Management, teaching and non-teaching staff and students attending classes and non-school educational activities.

All must carry the “Single Certificate of Entitlement for Emergency Circulation COVID-19”.

With regard to work:

  • Teleworking will be encouraged for those workers who can carry out their activities under this modality.
  • In the urban agglomerate known as AMBA, whenever the employers require the employees to be present, they shall guarantee their transfer without the use of public passenger transport services.
  • The gathering of people for rest, leisure, meals or any other type of activity in enclosed spaces without complying with the social distance and without adequate ventilation is prohibited.
  • People at higher risk are exempted from gong to the workplace.

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